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En Dakota Photos offers comprehensive solutions to create Photo & Video merchandising for a variety of venues and events. In order to provide a personalized service, for 25 years we have been creating solutions that cover the complete cycle. That’s why Dakota Photos not only offers the latest technology in content and creative development, but also solid systems for sales management, printing, online downloading and results analysis. With all of this, the client has a business model support with which to exploit and maximize the profitability of their installation.

    Dakota Chroma

    (Photo & Video)

    Highly sensitive proprietary immersive Chroma Technology with <strong>triple layer</strong> for the integration of backgrounds and other protagonists together with the visitor.

    Can you imagine having a souvenir with your favourite artist or sportsperson, or having the impossible photo at an inaccessible monument? Chroma technology makes it possible to integrate our visitors into unique and almost unrepeatable photographs. Photographs that accompany the coffee tables and living rooms of many homes where visitors and their families boast unforgettable memories.

    Dakota Photos has been producing Chroma technology integrated into photography for over 20 years. From Real Madrid to the Nerja Caves, the fantasies and excitement of visitors is brought to life by selecting the desired background and integrating with it. In addition, Dakota Chroma features tri-layer technology which allows for the integration of background elements as well as foreground elements.

    Are you ready to turn your memories into something memorable?

    Dakota Video Totem

    (+ PhotoShoot)

    Museums, cultural venues and football teams will always be in our DNA as customers who trusted in our Chroma technology and our customer service operation from day one.

    Today we want to give them back, especially their visitors and fans, the opportunity to get an even more realistic souvenir with their favourite artists or players.

    Via Dakota Photos’ own technology, visitors can integrate themselves not only into their favourite venues, but also with their works and with their idols.

    Dakota Photos is the only company that operates a Video Totem with Chroma fusion, video, ambient sound, high quality photography and digital download.

    Dakota Multiprinting

    (+ QR launcher)

    With our productions, we want the visitor to take home a printed and digital memory. That’s why we have developed together with FUJIFILM a system that allows printing on multiple printers simultaneously.

    This MultiPriting software is essential for a smooth and efficient flow of sales and enquiries. Particularly in those tourist facilities that have a high number of holiday peaks. In addition, the MultiPrinting system combines with automated barcode printing, delocalising the sales counter (even online) with the reception of the purchased content.

    With the MultiPrinting software we can coordinate up to 10 high quality image professional printers per server.

    Dakota TPV/PoS

    (+ APP)

    Complementing the operational part of our 360° system, we have a point-of-sale management system adapted to the characteristics of each particular space.

    With it, we facilitate the management of daily operations by automating processes and optimising time and effort.

    In addition to ticket printing, barcode reading and product identification, we add a series of specific upgrades designed to sort and classify the photographs taken during experiences at installations.

    Reclassification of photographs, generation of QR codes for direct digital downloading, authorisation of access to downloading and coordination with printing systems are some of the specific functions that will help to keep an exhaustive control of any management necessary for the sale.


    (Photo & Video)

    Our commitment to improve returns at points of sale has led us to develop our own system to control statistics on the testing and sales of each point-of-sale. Through Dakota Analytics we can count and keep track of the most requested creativities and those with the best acquisition rate, as well as other KPI’s related to sales, online downloads and social networks.

    With Dakota Analytics, clients can also make returns or directly act on content, for any issues that may arise in the production of photographs and/or videos.

    We use user roles to allow different degrees of access to functionalities in order to give access to different positions such as supervisors, administrators and operational staff.

Our Products

Our catalogue is divided into three categories, according to products for the production of creative content, sales and management solutions or printing and content distribution systems.