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    • Real Madrid Football Club

      Tour Bernabéu - Estadio Real Madrid

      In 2008, Dakota Photos was commissioned by Real Madrid the design, creation, structure, installation, execution and management of an immersive technological system through which visitors to the Bernabéu Tour could immortalise their image with the players of Real Madrid’s first team. The mandate also included the official photo of the Tour with various trophies won by the Club in its more than 100 years of history.

      From that moment on, at Dakota Photos we focused all our efforts to achieve a service at the height of the history, legend and prestige of Real Madrid. And we succeeded, without a doubt!

      DAKOTA Tour Bernabéu

      DAKOTA Tour Bernabéu

      DAKOTA Vídeo Tótem

      DAKOTA Jugador RM

      DAKOTA La catorceava

      DAKOTA Alegría

      DAKOTA Celebración

      DAKOTA Panorámica

      DAKOTA Mostrador

      DAKOTA Felicidad

      DAKOTA Staff

      DAKOTA Ramos Joven

      DAKOTA Setas de Sevilla

      DAKOTA Setas de Sevilla

      DAKOTA Setas de Sevilla

      DAKOTA Setas de Sevilla

      Setas de Sevilla

      Setas de Sevilla - The world's largest timber facility.

      At the end of 2022, our collaboration with Las Setas de Sevilla begins. It’s the largest wood installation in the world.  In addition to an exceptional viewpoint, it offers a cultural, leisure, gastronomy, and history experience that are already part of the city.  At night, the Aurora show surprises visitors with a set of lights coordinated through artificial intelligence and that vary depending on the brightness, temperature, wind and the heartbeat of the city itself.

      In this installation that takes care of all the details, both aesthetic and security, we have installed a camera on a raised mast, from where we take remotely controlled photography.

      Since it is a completely outdoor structure, we have designed an alternative plan for the days when inclement weather does not allow the use of the system outdoors, in order to be able to offer the service throughout all the year.

      Batlló House

      Casa Batlló -

      This impressive building located on Barcelona’s Paseo de Gracia, the work of the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudí, was the missing cherry on the cake… an impossible photograph, without using chroma and reflecting the spirit of the architect’s unparalleled imagination.


      A photograph taken on the Balcón de la Princesa [Princess Balcony], with the camera non-invasively suspended on the outside of the World Heritage façade by means of a hydraulic structure, was the creative solution adopted. And with automatic remote triggering!


      DAKOTA El Balcón de la Princesa

      DAKOTA Sala Jujol Vintage Premium

      DAKOTA Dragón

      DAKOTA Wonder Photo Shop

      DAKOTA Navidad

      DAKOTA Formación

      DAKOTA Halloween

      DAKOTA Taller

      Wonder Photo Shop

      Wonder Photo Shop - Flagship Store Barcelona

      In 2014, the multinational Fujifilm launched a new concept of photo store in Japan, aimed at optimising the emotions of personal memories through a new concept of printing, capable of attracting those sectors of the population that over time had stopped printing their memories due to the evolution of digital imaging. In short, the aim was to transform the traditional photography shop, immersed at that time in a serious crisis, into a new concept of experiential shop.

      Following the success of this first store in Tokyo, in 2015 Fujifilm set about implementing this concept worldwide. Barcelona was chosen for the opening of the first Wonder Photoshop shop in Europe and America.



      Aquarium of Barcelona

      Aquarium - Grupo Aspro

      We keep collaborating with this essential facility in Greater Barcelona, a flagship of one of the European leaders in the leisure sector in Europe, the Spain-based group Aspro Ocio. Our involvement with Barcelona Aquarium, with more than one and a half million visitors a year, can be broken down into two different moments since 2007. In the first, Dakota Photos was hired to optimise the operation, management and revenues of the service offered.

      DAKOTA L' Aquàrium Vídeo Tótem

      DAKOTA Tiburón

      DAKOTA Mandíbula

      DAKOTA En el mar

      DAKOTA Port Aventura

      Port Aventura World

      Port Aventura World - Costa Dorada

      Our collaboration with Port Aventura World is one we are most proud of. Both because of the size of this facility that receives more than 5 million visitors a year, and because of the circumstances that led us to it.

      In August 2008, at the height of the tourist season, we received a direct call from the world’s largest technological operator of the photography and image sector in Theme Parks, who was at the time operating the photography service at Port Aventura.

      Atlético of Madrid

      Atlético de Madrid - Territorio Atleti

      Given its experience with other Football Clubs – Futbol Club Barcelona, Sevilla FC, Real Betis Balompié and Real Madrid -, in 2019 Atlético de Madrid hired Dakota Photos to integrate the visitor photography service in the new Museum and Tour of the new Metropolitan Stadium, site of the Champions League final that same year.


      We started our activity when the Stadium was still under construction, using a nomadic installation that communicated the different areas through a wireless network and occupying different spots depending on the pace of the works. Once again, we adapted to the environment and the circumstances.

      DAKOTA Trofeo

      DAKOTA Campeones

      DAKOTA Wanda Metropolitano

      DAKOTA Portafotos

      DAKOTA Sevilla fc

      Sevilla cf

      Sevilla cf - Sevilla

      After collaborating with the Sevilla Fútbol Club at the end of the 1990s, we resumed our relationship in December 2022, fully offering the visitor photography service at the Sevilla FC Stadium Tour, located in the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium.

      We adapt our management to their opening calendar as well as their installations, offering a picture with the Club’s idols, and playing in one of the many matches played in that Stadium.

      Shanghai world expo 2010

      Exposición Universal Shanghai 2010 - China

      La Exposición Universal de Shanghai 2010, fue la primera que incorporó pabellones dedicados a las ciudades, y no únicamente a los países como se había hecho hasta el momento.

      Dakota Photos ayudó a la promoción cultural de la ciudad de Madrid, prestando un servicio de fotografía destinado a la difusión de imágenes y espacios de la ciudad, así como fotografías con los jugadores del Real Madrid y el Atlético de Madrid, en su vertiente más lúdica.


      DAKOTA Cartelería Shangai

      DAKOTA Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

      Madrid Amusement Park

      Amusement Park - Madrid

      Although the Madrid Amusement Park [Parque de Atracciones de Madrid], managed by Grupo Parques Reunidos, was self-managing a direct visitor photography service, it was felt that to complete the offer a photography service was needed that would reflect the excitement of the youngest visitors.


      With this target in mind, Dakota Photos joined this place of reference in Madrid’s leisure activities and took photographs only at those attractions designed for the youngest ones.


      Open Camp Europe

      Open Camp - Barcelona

      In 2016, the Open Camp Theme Park, dedicated to the world of sports, opened at Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the thrill of competing in the iconic Olympic Park (Anella Olímpica) that hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Olympic Games as well as some of the world’s most important sporting events. Visitors did not just walk around the facility, but actively participated in the different events, following the official Olympic protocols.


      After several interviews with the Open Camp management and after analysing and studying the information received, Dakota Photos agreed to be the company responsible for capturing these emotions in different graphic supports, making a firm commitment to high levels of technology and management and focusing on direct sales to visitors.

      DAKOTA 360º

      DAKOTA Fútbol

      DAKOTA Salto de Longitud

      DAKOTA Beisbol

      DAKOTA Boxeo

      DAKOTA Salida 100m

      DAKOTA Media

      DAKOTA Tech

      DAKOTA Hard Rock Cafe

      DAKOTA Impresoras

      DAKOTA Ferrari

      DAKOTA Partners Meeting

      DAKOTA Castellers

      DAKOTA Area VIP

      DAKOTA Karaoke

      DAKOTA Circuit de Catalunya

      DAKOTA Pirineus

      DAKOTA Diversión

      DAKOTA Star Trek

      DAKOTA Navidad

      Dakota Photos Events

      Eventos Dakota Photos - Eventos Dakota Photos

      Throughout these years, we have complemented our activity in recreational and cultural spaces in fixed installations by joining all kind of events, always related to image – our field of expertise – and mainly through our Chroma technology.

      We can be part of any event with any kind of theme, and we are often required to immortalise participants, give them a gift and/or get visibility on the networks.

      Football Club Barcelona

      Footbol Club Barcelona - Camp Nou Stadium

      Our collaboration with Football Club Barcelona began in 1997, with an installation in a small temporary tent at the Camp Nou Stadium.

      Using our own revolutionary and ground-breaking Chroma technology, we were able to immortalise the image of the Barcelona fans with the first team players, with no need for them to have a photo shoot for the preparation of the corresponding templates.

      DAKOTA Protagonista

      DAKOTA Champions

      DAKOTA Ronaldinho

      DAKOTA Pep 1998

      DAKOTA Cueva de Nerja

      Nerja Cave

      Nerja cave - Málaga

      After some years collaborating with a traditional photographic operator, the Fundación Cueva de Nerja decided to modernise the visit and offer a more technologically adequate service to provide a clear added value to the client and a better expectation of revenues. To this end, the foundation transferred the management of the photography service to a global operator specialised in the exploitation of museums and cultural entities. After six months in operation, the two parties resigned from the concession as they had not reached the objectives set.


      From that moment on, and in order not to stop providing the service to clients, the Fundacion Cueva de Nerja mandated the project to Dakota Photos in order to increase overall revenues and improve services, quality and digitisation. This was in 2016. And we are still there, for many years to come.

      Faunia Madrid

      Faunia Madrid - theme park

      Faunia was our first collaboration with group Parques Reunidos, one of the largest leisure park operators in the world, with 50 years of experience and currently operating more than 60 parks in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

      In this park, where various ecosystems have been created that are used in educational and interactive activities, the possibility of interacting with those animals that require special protection and care was missing.


      DAKOTA Baby

      DAKOTA Pingüino

      DAKOTA Expositor

      DAKOTA Telefèric Montjuïch

      DAKOTA Plató

      DAKOTA Cabina

      DAKOTA Navidad

      DAKOTA Portafoto

      Montjuich Cable Car Barcelona

      Montjuich Cable Car - Barcelona

      After the complete refurbishment of the Montjuïch Cable Car, managed by the Barcelona City Council and located on the Magic Mountain, an attempt was made to improve profitability by providing some special services. Dakota Photos was hired to manage one of them: a souvenir photography for visitors.


      The main difficulty lay in fitting a system for capturing photographs in the hall, while maintaining its avant-garde design and without breaking its essence. Also, in bridging the distance between the space where the pictures were taken and the receiver that linked the connection from the base station to the final station, where visitors could view and purchase their photograph.



      Telecinco Live Tour

      Telecinco Live Tour - Traveling Exhibition

      ‘Telecinco Live’ was the first expo-show in the history of Mediaset, where visitors were immersed in the TV channel’s most emblematic programmes and most successful content, through a tour in which they could visit an exact reproduction of the programmes’ sets.


      Dakota Photos was chosen to capture the image of the visitors in these spaces, getting a souvenir that immortalised them in the sets they could see on television every day.

      DAKOTA Telecinco Live

      DAKOTA Besos

      DAKOTA Alhambra

      Granavision Granada

      Granavisión - Granada

      This Visitor Centre of one of the largest Tour Operators in southern Spain, located opposite Alhambra’s main ticket office in Granada, is the place to pick up and wait for the tourists heading to the most visited monument in Spain, with approximately 3 million visitors per year. In addition to extensive information about Granada and Andalusia in general, it offers a café/bar service and souvenir shop.


      Dakota Photos was hired to complement and liven up the waiting time for visitors to the guided tours, as well as to immortalise the image of visitors in parts of the Alhambra where taking pictures is not permitted or it becomes difficult due to an excess of visitors.


      Aqualand Maspalomas. Gran Canaria

      Aqualand Maspalomas - Gran Canaria

      After the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Grupo Aspro Parks (formerly known as Aspro Ocio), with more than 30 Leisure Parks all over Europe, decided to change part of its operating model and open the possibility of outsourcing its photography service, of high added value and with a great specific weight in the figures of the company.


      In the short space of time that has elapsed, we have substantially changed the offer, eliminating the entrance picture with animals, and focusing on less invasive images taken in collaboration with the visitors, both in the common areas of the park and in the attractions.

      DAKOTA aqualand maspalomas

      DAKOTA El primer Stand 1996

      DAKOTA Dino

      constellation square. Barcelona

      Plaza de les Constel.lacions - Barcelona Glories Shopping Center

      This is where it all began! Year 1996.


      We include this space in the Top 10 Dakota Photos Universe filled by the feelings and memories of our origins.


      BCN Glories Shopping Centre is located at the 22@, the city’s technological district which hosts most of companies and start-ups in the sector.


      In this Centre we proposed the installation, during the three months of the summer, of a small space of only 8 sq m, located in the Plaza de las Constelaciones, -at the heart of the new shopping centre-, in which to offer visitors the opportunity to be photographed with various fantasy characters and other features, and capture them in all kinds of supports, including photographs, photo frames, mugs, T-shirts, calendars, jigsaw puzzles…


      Subtravelling Sponsorhip

      Subtravelling - Sponsorship TMB

      Dakota Photos has always been open to any kind of initiative and collaboration in the cultural field and in the field of image and communication.


      We have sponsored multiple editions [(and contributed in the selection of participants)] of Subtravelling, a pioneering and innovative short film festival that takes place at Transports Barcelona’s transport network TMB and associated with the Seoul Metro International Subway Film Festival (SMIFF).

      DAKOTA Subtravelling

      DAKOTA Patrocinadores

      DAKOTA Subtravelling

      DAKOTA Australia Real Madrid

      Consultancy Real Madrid Tour World Exhibition. Australia

      Consultancy Real Madrid Tour World Exhibition. Australia - Melbourne, Australia

      In 2018, the Real Madrid Tour World Exhibition took place in Melbourne, Australia. A Temporary Tour was created for the occasion to expand Real Madrid’s history and values outside the European continent.


      A visitor photography service was provided, managed by the exhibition itself, in which Dakota Photos made available its experience, acquired after years of providing its services to the Bernabéu Tour.


      Fujifilm Spain annual corporate event

      Corporate event - Fujifilm España

      In addition to attending the event as a Fujifilm partner, Dakota Photos has also been commissioned on numerous occasions to take corporate photographs at Fujifilm Spain’s annual meeting.


      We are able to photograph the employees, administrative, technical, sales and management staff (Spanish, European and Japanese) who attend an event where the year closed and the targets for the coming year are discussed at length.

      DAKOTA Fujifilm Cámara

      DAKOTA Puerta Grande

      DAKOTA Capote

      Las Ventas Bullring

      Las Ventas bullring - Madrid

      In 2012, Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas recreational and educational Tour – which includes explanations about the [bullfighting] Fiesta, as well as other events, including pedagogical activities aimed at students -, decided to expand its offer and integrate virtual photography to obtain a higher profitability in the management of the Plaza.


      Dakota Photos designed an “ad hoc” structure, capable of operating all year round in a multicultural space that combined the Tour, concerts, fairs, the circus season and the bullfighting season, including weekly fights.


      Circle of Fine Arts. Madrid

      Círculo de Bellas Artes - Madrid

      Another of the locations was the rooftop itself, where we took portrait photos with a breath taking view of Madrid as a background.


      All of this, with nomadic equipment that was easy to assemble and dismantle and that allowed for a quick change of location and to leave the installation tidy at the end of the day.


      DAKOTA Panorámica

      DAKOTA Círculo de Bellas Artes

      DAKOTA Portafotos

      DAKOTA Postal

      DAKOTA Exposición Itinerante

      Real Madrid Travelling Exhibition

      Traveling Exhibition - Real Madrid

      Together with Zertior, a communication company that advises clubs, properties and entities in the Sports & Entertainment industry to make them more efficient and profitable, as well as brands that aim to connect with their audiences through sports, music, culture and entertainment, we participated in the travelling exhibition that Real Madrid organised in several shopping centres in different Spanish cities.


      By incorporating images different to those offered at the Bernabéu Tour, we managed to complement the offer of an exhibition that reviewed the years of history of the most laureate Club in the world.


      Tarragona On Ice

      Skate On Ice - Tarragona

      Dakota Photos couldn’t miss a winter collaboration in a skating rink! We kept the balance and were able to immortalize (with no injuries) Tarragona’s ice rink visitors.


      We took the photographs on the rink, with a transmission structure via Wi-Fi, and they could later view them on a computer at the exit. And buy it if they wished.

      DAKOTA Equilibrio

      DAKOTA Celebración

      DAKOTA patrocinadores

      Royal Polo Club of Barcelona

      Royal Polo Club - Barcelona

      This is a non-profit association founded in 1897 with the aim of promoting the development and practice of physical activity and sports. The Club is affiliated to the Horse riding, Hockey, Padel, Polo and Tennis federations. For almost 35 years, it has been organising the Inmaculada International Tournament in its facilities, where more than 700 boys and girls from 7 to 14 from different countries take part. With the participation of 86 teams, the RC Polo fields host during these days the most important hockey competition in Spain and one of Europe’s child competitions with most participants



      Open Camp Europe Presentation Event

      Open Camp Europe Presentation Event - Montjuïch, Barcelona

      As part of the promotional events to publicise Open Camp, a theme park dedicated to sports, a three-day event was held at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, where visitors could enjoy a colourful show with cheerleaders, acrobats, other entertainment and one of the events to be held at the future park: the Open Basket.


      Dakota Photos was commissioned to make the official promotional video, as well as a time lapse, of the event.


      We also installed the technical structure that was to be used in the event and recorded the competition between the two contenders, giving them the option to view, pay and download the video through our online sales platform.

      DAKOTA Sprint

      DAKOTA Costa Caribe

      Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

      Costa Caribe Aquatic Park - Resort Port Aventura World

      This 5-hectare water park is located in the tourist leisure complex of Port Aventura and Ferrari Land.

      During the time we collaborated with Costa Caribe, we implemented the technology of photographic classification through tickets with QR codes. Subsequently, we have evolved this technology to include wristband sorting through automatic readers.


      We eliminated entrance photographs with pets or models in order to prioritise photographs on the Rides and through the walks.

      Madrid Zoo

      Madrid Zoo - Madrid

      Our work at the Madrid Zoo basically consisted in the installation of three Chroma spaces to reflect visitors’ interactions with inaccessible animals. We also covered the dinosaur exhibition that took place at the Zoo.


      We shared the space with the Zoo’s own photography service, so we complemented the offer that they themselves managed, helping them increase the profitability of the service.

      DAKOTA Zoo de Madrid

      DAKOTA León

      Delivery of ATM and FCB Member Badges

      Delivery of Member Badges - Atletico Madrid and Football Club Barcelona

      For the last few years, we have covered the event in which Atlético de Madrid gives its members a commemorative badge for reaching 25 or 50 years as members of the Club.

      It is a very emotional event attended by Club executives as well as the President.



      Aquopolis Cartaya Huelva

      Aquopolis Cartaya - Huelva

      At the same time that we managed the water park located in Seville, we also managed this small but well cared for water park in Huelva.


      We focused our efforts on taking pictures of visitors in the different water attractions of the park. And for the less daring, we installed a chroma where those who didn’t jump, looked as they did!

      DAKOTA Gate

      DAKOTA Guadalpark Sevilla

      Guadalpark Sevilla

      Guadalpark - Sevilla

      In this urban water park in Sevilla we improvised an entrance photo combining real images with fantasy elements, alternately using Chroma technology or the implementation of fantasy images in the photos taken.


      With our staff, we complemented the welcome photo with reportage ones, interacting with visitors.


      The result was an over 60% increase in the economic return (revenues) for the Park compared to that obtained with the previous operator.

      Tarraco Arena

      Tarraco Arena Plaza - Tarragona

      We actively collaborated in the start-up of this multi-purpose space for social and cultural uses located at the heart of the city of Tarragona.


      We accepted the challenge of integrating ourselves into a space that changed its structure and route practically every week. To do this, we designed furniture that was as versatile and functional as possible, capable of attending to visitors on the permanent tour of the space, as well as those attending concerts, exhibitions (Titanic) or events (Trobada de Castellers [Human Towers]).

      DAKOTA Plató

      DAKOTA Burladero

      DAKOTA Granada

      Granada Bullring

      Bullring of Granada - Granada

      In this space, neighbouring the Alhambra, we opted to cede our equipment and let the Tour of the Plaza itself manage the photography installation.


      A partnership agreement was reached that was somewhat different from the usual agreements, due to the particularities of the Plaza and the number of visitors.


      Malaga Bullring

      Malaga Bullring - Málaga

      We collaborated in the reopening of the Plaza, La Malagueta, after the restoration works it went through. In the inner corridor of the Ring [Plaza], under the stands, the city was offered a gastronomic tasting area, which complemented the leisure offer provided by the Tour inaugurated in the facility.


      We improvised the colour protocol of the Chroma system in order to use a white background on one of the walls of the tour! This way, we avoided the green chroma, a somewhat strident colour in a square with markedly white and soft tones.

      DAKOTA Malagueta

      DAKOTA Valencia

      Valencia Bullring

      Valencia Bullring - Valencia

      In collaboration with Toroshopping, a company that manages the Tours of several bullrings in Spain and specialises in bullfighting merchandising, we provided the service to immortalise the image of visitors at Valencia’s bullring.


      We adapted ourselves to working in a complex route along the structure of the Ring [Plaza] and reached collaboration agreements with the Bullfighting Museum located at the bullring itself.


      We coincided with the celebration of the Fallas, the iconic Valencia festival in which we also participated actively with our images, adding to the joy and cultural offerings of the city during those days.

      Selwo Marine Malaga

      Selwo Marina - Costa del Sol Málaga

      In this wildlife park and dolphinarium, as in Selwo Aventura, we faced one of our most challenging tasks concerning the treatment of the image obtained with Chroma technology… To place a set outdoors to capture the image of visitors, even with sunlight in the background!


      This difficulty was compounded by the location of the set, a side-bounded outdoor corridor, bi-directional, where visitors could reach our position from either side of the installation.



      DAKOTA Naturaleza

      DAKOTA Pingüinos

      DAKOTA Contentos

      DAKOTA Dinosaurios

      Benalmádena Cable Car

      Benalmádena Cable Car - Costa del Sol Málaga

      Together with Selwo Marina and Selwo Aventura, the Benalmádena Cable Car completed the leisure offer of Grupo Parques Reunidos in the Costa del Sol area, in Málaga.

      Using the same technical structure that we implemented at the Madrid Cable Car, we immortalised the image of visitors using the Cable Car to travel to the leisure area at the top of the vertical, steep and rugged Calamorro mountain, which included falconry, horse riding and other leisure elements.

      Selwo Adventure Estepona

      Selwo Adventura - Estepona Costa del Sol Málaga

      A different space with a 100 hectares surface area which exhibits more than 2,000 animals of different species from all continents.

      It includes entertainment such as suspension bridges, a 115 m zip-line, trampolines, safaris…  even a hotel in the form of an African village inside the park, where you can hear the sounds of the animals at night.


      DAKOTA Selwo Aventura

      DAKOTA Cetrería

      DAKOTA Sánchez-Pizjuán

      Sevilla Football Club

      Sevilla Football Club - Sevilla

      Early on in our journey, we collaborated with Sevilla Club de Fútbol to offer unconditional supporters images with their favourite players.

      It was one of the first experiences away from Dakota Photos’ home city, and we had to coordinate the construction of the shop, the design and manufacture of furniture, the acquisition of equipment, and the hiring and training of staff from afar. And manage it!

      Real Betis Football Club

      Real Betis Football Club - Sevilla

      Because of the special affection we have for the city of Seville, we were also looking forward to collaborate with the other great football club of the city, so we also managed to work with Real Betis Balompié.


      We placed the spot to immortalise the images of fans with their idols at the Plaza de Armas Shopping Centre, an old railway station restored by [state-owned railway operator] Adif and now turned into a commercial and cultural space.


      The image of Denilson, the most expensive signing in the Club’s history, was undoubtedly the highlight.

      DAKOTA Benito Villamarín

      DAKOTA Teleferico de Madrid cabina

      DAKOTA Teleferico Madrid Plató

      Madrid Cable Car

      Madrid Cable Car - Madrid

      The best views of Madrid, worth to be immortalized.

      Dakota Photos devised a structure to take photographs of visitors before entering the cable car cabin. At the end of the ride, users had their prints ready and available for purchase.


      Titanic Itinerary Exhibition

      Itinerary Exhibition - Titanic the Exibition

      Dakota Photos, could not miss the travelling “Titanic the Exhibition”, where, among others, the largest Titanic scale model in Europe was exhibited. Together with the Titanic Foundation, we provided the visitor photography service the international exhibition.


      It was a challenge for us to design an agile, efficient structure, and furniture that was light and manageable that could adapt to the changes in the different cities where the exhibition was presented.

      DAKOTA Escaleras

      DAKOTA Titanic Vintage

      DAKOTA Portafotos

      Real Madrid Cafe Dubai

      Real Madrid Café - Dubai

      In 2010, Real Madrid Football Club kept expanding its commercial offer, in search of new markets, with the opening of a Sports Café in Dubai.

      The project combined catering with merchandising, and included a photography service with the first team players.


      With the same structure with which we approached the incorporation of Dakota Photos into the Brazilian Football Confederation Museum and the Shanghai World Expo, we inaugurated the service in a place as special as Dubai.

      Wonder Photo Shop Corte Ingles

      Wonder Photo Shop El Corte Inglés - Valencia - Madrid - Málaga

      The wonderful reaction of the public to the Wonder Photoshop in Barcelona, led Fujifilm to a global partnership agreement with El Corte Inglés, the largest department store chain in Spain, with 91 retail outlets, an annual turnover of over 15bn euros and 85,000 direct employees.


      Dakota Photos has joined the project and has signed, directly with El Corte Inglés, the management and operation of 3 shops in the stores of three different cities.


      DAKOTA Manualidad WPS

      DAKOTA Aqualand Costa adeje

      Aqualand Cosa Adeje Tenerife

      Aqualand Costa Adeje - Tenerife

      Opening in March 2022!!!!


      After the excellent results obtained in Aqualand Maspalomas on the island of Gran Canaria, we were happy to keep collaborating with group Aspro in the opening of more spaces in Aquatic and Leisure Parks. The next spot is this park, located south of the neighbouring island of Tenerife.


      Marineland Mallorca

      Marineland Mallorca - Mallorca

      We provide technological support to this Dolphinarium and Marine Zoo, a historical touristic spot leader in the Balearic Island of Mallorca and member of Grupo Aspro Ocio, by using our digital platform and our storage system so that visitors can download, digitally and in real time, the photographs acquired at the Center for their instant spreading via Social Networks.

      The service includes a system for classifying photographs, uploading them, downloads, data analysis and Help Desk management. In this collaboration we also include the photo printing distribution system.

      Astalift Fujifilm

      Astalift - Fujifilm Cosmetic Line

      Fujifilm is a global company with a countless number of units and activities. Due to its master of collagen, the main component of photographic film, Fujifilm launched a line of cosmetics, the basis of which is precisely collagen. It was the company with the most patents in this sector during the year the product was launched. Its ambassador was Naomi Watts, won the prize for the best cosmetic product in Japan, and achieved unanimous recognition in the Asian market.


      To market this line in Spain, Fujifilm relied on Dakota Photos, due to the excellent relationship kept over the previous years, and our ability to create and structure a commercial sales network. From the selection to the training and management of the staff. Our staff actively participated in the shop that Fujifilm opened in Barcelona specially for the occasion, as well as at the different corners in El Corte Inglés.