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Exposición Universal Shanghai 2010


La Exposición Universal de Shanghai 2010, fue la primera que incorporó pabellones dedicados a las ciudades, y no únicamente a los países como se había hecho hasta el momento.

Dakota Photos ayudó a la promoción cultural de la ciudad de Madrid, prestando un servicio de fotografía destinado a la difusión de imágenes y espacios de la ciudad, así como fotografías con los jugadores del Real Madrid y el Atlético de Madrid, en su vertiente más lúdica.


DAKOTA Cartelería Shangai

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo was the first to incorporate pavilions dedicated to cities, and not only to countries as had been the case until then.

Dakota Photos contributed to the cultural promotion of the city of Madrid, providing a photography service that spread images of different sights of the city, as well as photographs with the players of Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, in its most playful aspect.


Supported once again by our partner Fujifilm, we set up a service that was very well received by visitors. Photo-quality images on professional paper on T-shirts, mugs and other media was the chosen option.


During the preparation and operation of the Expo, we had to work closely with the Madrid City Council, the Pavilion operator, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, the Expo coordinator, the customs authorities and the Chinese administration (with protocols and standards often very different from those of the West).

We were able to tackle all of this thanks to our multicultural team, who has the technology, management and adaptation skills necessary for such a challenge.

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